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The Long Engagement
Big Bang 2009.   Anything goes.
McShep Steampunk!Atlantis AU. John is the leader of the Sheppard Circus Company. Lost in their travels, the troupe happens on the hidden city of Atlantis where McKay is the mistrustful leader of the Lanteans. McKay makes an agreement with the troupe wherein they'll stay on in the city and perform a number of shows. He also asks John for his adopted sister, Jennifer Keller's, hand in marriage. When John refuses to give them his blessing, Rodney proposes that the only way to change his mind is to get to know each other better. But as the two men become close, Rodney begins to question if marrying Jennifer is what he really wants or if what he wants could be something totally unexpected.
McKay/Sheppard, secondary Teyla/Ronon, peripheral Keller/McKay (predating McShep)
Word Count
51222 words
Thank you to everyone who helped me finish this story — kay_greatness, mad_lynn and murderdetective for your encouragement and suggestions, and my betas ishie and teenygozer — for your corrections and advice that greatly improved the story. You guys were totally awesome and helpful.
Companion Artwork
  • Mindgames by Cynicatlantis
  • The Long Engagement (Cover) by fractalreality
  • Welcome to the Show by Sal

Music was kind of like Rodney's sky.
Music was kind of like Rodney's sky.
John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
photo manipulation, digital coloring.
A huge thanks to Greyias, for her round-the-clock support and cheerleading. She basically talked me through this.
Companion Story
Solitary man

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