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The Most Unlikely of Couples
Big Bang 2008.   Forks in the Road: Sunday - That thing with the exploding tumor? That last one doesn't actually go off.
A near death experience leads both Carson and Teyla to take a chance. A re-writing of the end of season three and all of season four.
Word Count
40033 words
Other pairings: minor John/Rodney and background Ronon/Keller
Thanks: Thanks to sylum_river_tam (Kris) for looking this over when I was half done and flailing over characterization, to darsynia for her cheerleading. To alleonh, and xdawnfirex for their beta duties. And finally to Fiareynne, my braintwin, birthday sister, ultimate cheerleader, beta and the reason I'm writing Carson/Teyla in the first place; thank you for believing in me.
Author's Notes: I can't believe I'm actually attempting this. It must be noted that while I stick to basic plot outlines for seasons three and four, this is much more than simply sticking Carson into the episodes. Having Carson alive and well in the city changes the entire dynamic of the situations the citizens of Atlantis find themselves in. I do mess with timelines in certain places to make the story work, but I try to be as faithful to what was on the screen as I can be, just with added Scottish charm and romance. And sex.
Companion Artwork
  • The Bride by aretria
  • The Most Unlikely Of Couples CoverArt by Ls-Silence

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Long Lost Friend

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