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All Falls Down
Big Bang 2007.   Forks in the Road: Tao of Rodney - Rodney ascends.
And maybe this was why people spent their entire lives preparing to Ascend, because there was so much to get over and make peace with to be able to really do this, to abide by all of the rules that they were supposed to abide by, without fucking it up. He would have needed another whole lifetime to be able to not want to be back there, every single second.
McKay/Sheppard, Dex/Sheppard
Word Count
45616 words
There is an entire gaggle of people who are responsible for me making it through the months and months of this process, which were scary and great all at the same time. Many, many thanks to everyone on my f-list who read this in various stages of doneness or helped me work out the details, and kept me going (I'm sure I'm forgetting someone – sorry!): lovelokest, llassah, aerye, misspamela, shoemaster, and shihadchick. The biggest, glomping thanks to strangecobwebs and cold_poet for stepping up to beta this monster and doing a fantastic job. And last, but certainly not least, big thanks to brooklinegirl (who read 45,000 words of SGA fic for ME, because she loves me like that) and minervacat for reading the final draft of this, and telling me that it doesn't suck.
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  • All Falls Down by aesc
  • All Falls Down - Trailer by Genie
  • Coming night by aesc

Illustration of a scene from the 'comic-book Viking' village in Aegis
Illustration of a scene from the 'comic-book Viking' village in Aegis
John and Rodney
Ink and Prismacolor marker on paper
I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to draw that damn shield properly (shh, don't tell). In my head, this is called "Rodney's Amazing Glowing Hard-on", which isn't exactly the sort of thing I was going for, so I stuck with the above title. Oh, well.
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