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Mirror Dance
Big Bang 2007.   Forks in the Road: Hide and Seek - The gene therapy doesn't work/has side-effects.
John doesn't like to share.
Word Count
45000 words
I owe so, so much to Wychwood and Siriaeve, who were both incredibly supportive as I sweat through writing this story, making great suggestions and listening to me whine. They were also superb betas. Huge thanks also to Fairestcat and Akukorax, who audienced for me, and helped me believe at a crucial moment that this story doesn't suck. I think I also owe additional thanks to Trobadora, ebrooklynw, and Sab for just being really patient with me. *hugs to all*
Companion Artwork
  • Mirror Dance by aesc
  • Mirror Dance cover by Siria
  • Mirror Dance full cover by Siria

A Lot is Real
A Lot is Real
John, Rodney, a rising planet
Digital (Inkscape & Photoshop CS)
I decided to try something a little different for this project, and had a lot of fun doing so.
Companion Story
Together They Have Built A World and A Lot Of It Is Real

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Aegis Cover Illustration of a scene from the 'comic-book Viking' village in Aegis Header for the story A Lot is Real All Falls Down Mirror Dance Mirror Dance cover Mirror Dance full cover Unlikely Angels Respite In the Silent Water Breaking Point That Jealous Thing Striking Back... People Are People orbital defence cube Theory of Evolution Choice Theory - 1280x800 Choice Theory - 1024x768 Choice Theory - 800x600 Independent Love Song Trailer for <em>And All We Have</em> All Falls Down - Trailer returning whole Intimate Awakening View from an Occupation Arrival 01 Arrival 02 Sleep END Critical Error Orange Sand The Rescue Sleep Proof coverart the work of memory Coming night