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Big Bang 2009.   Anything goes.
Rodney manages to save the team, but at a terrible cost to himself. When John later stumbles across an Ancient facility, he finds that it can give Rodney what the scientist had given up as a lost cause due to his sacrifice. But the facility is rapidly running out of power and John has to make a snap decision. How far is John willing to go to help a man that he loves far too much for his own good?
Word Count
57255 words
Special thanks to my betas moonmip, goddess47 and orandream. Super special thanks goes to orandream's co-worker for the authentic Czech translations!
I give permission for this story to be remixed and podficced as long as I am credited and notified.
This story has warnings; they are listed at the end of the story.
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Companion Artwork
  • Christmas at the Miller's by wihluta
  • Cover by wihluta
  • John Pregnant by wihluta

We Fought in a War
We Fought in a War
Radek Zelenka
Digital - Photoshop
The original text on his face is from this page, with minor modifications by me. It is a translation of his message from Letters from Pegasus (1x17).
Companion Story
We Fought in a War

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