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Welcome to the 2009 Stargate: Atlantis Big Bang Challenge! Some helpful information — please read before you hop into all the amazing stories and art on this site!

What is the Stargate: Atlantis Big Bang Challenge?

This is our third year where writers had to write 40,000 words in about 4 months. This year's challenge began in June of 2009. We decided to put everyone together for this year's challenge, and adopted an 'almost anything goes' approach to prompts and pairings. That means we have a little bit of everything, from gen to het to slash, with stories ranging from completely AU to only slightly AU to canon-compliant.

Then artists selected a story that piqued their interest by picking from the various story summaries. We also wanted to be as all-encompassing artistically as possible, so vids, manipulations, drawings and essentially any art form was permitted; all of our stories have at least one art submission.

The Stats

146 writers initially signed up for this year's challenge; 46 of them finished for a total of 43 stories. We had 91 pieces of art submitted to this challenge, by 51 artists.

The Logistics

Your mods this year were gblvr and Madelyn. Laitaine once again came through as our main site guru, and trishkafibble created the amazing image map and header you see on this year's site.

We'd also like to thank meansgirl, kisahawklin, and soleta who helped out with feedback posts for the art and stories.

How to Navigate the Site

You can sort reading selections alphabetically by title, author, prompt or pairing. Of course you can still check out our 2007 and 2008 submissions by clicking on the appropriate year. You can also change the layout of the site by selecting one of the skins listed in the skins menu.

If you're a little overwhelmed by all the choices, we invite you to take a look at the story previews many of our authors provided on our LiveJournal community. Still don't know where to start? You can always read a randomly suggested story -- look for the header 'Try These.'

Contact Information

You will find a link to a livejournal entry where you can leave your comments on any of the stories and artwork. A personal plea: Please feedback. We have a lot of stories and art going live at once, and we're really hoping stories and art don't get lost in the shuffle. This is an extremely difficult challenge, and we'd really like to encourage the efforts of those who have managed to pull this off.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail gblvr or Madelyn at ( or Laitaine, the site maintainer at (

The Final Word: Acknowledgments

Thanks to the artists, writers, beta readers, cheerleaders and site team - there obviously wouldn't be a challenge without all of your efforts. The SGA Big Bang is based on the Harry Potter challenge of the same name. Thank you for being an inspiration across fandoms!

The Final (Final) Word

The final wordcount? 2,817,599. The mods and maintainers of the SGA Big Bang hereby disclaim any and all resulting eye strain from you trying to read as much of this as quickly as possible.

~ gblvr, Madelyn and Laitaine